Robotics and programming for girls

2018-10-06 (journée entière)

On 6th October 2018, CERN Micro Club, RightsTech Women, Hepia Geneva and the Geneva-based Fab Lab "On L'Fait" organized a free, educational event in Geneva, “Robotics and programming for girls”. 

The objective was to familiarize girls with basic programming concepts and human-machine interactions through the use of the educational robots “Poppy Ergo Jr” and the interactive touchscreen "hepiaLight".

Programming an object (such as a robot) is interesting as it gives immediate physical feedback and allows to learn quickly. We believe that early exposure and familiarity in a dedicated environment is key to demystifying technology.

During the workshop, participants also learned about the human right to education, including science education, in a child-friendly settings.

The workshop was well attended, and extremely well received by participants that discovered that technology was neither complicated nor boring to learn.

We will follow-up those educational efforts during Coding Science Days on 9, 10 and 11 November ! (