Robotics Section - Latest developments

What have the robotics section been up to recently? Here are some answers. Mostly - related to car hacking and playing (carefully) with lasers.


We bought some laser galvanometers from aliexpress for about 120 USD/each, without lasers. They run on 230V AC and have an ILDA interface + an SD card slot. 

It also has R-G-B TTL outputs for the control of 3 lasers. 

Here's a video of it in action. 

In terms of what we're doing - stage 1 will be to find a suitable housing to put it inside (from a skip!), possibly connect it to batteries instead of the mains. Stage 2 will be to make a direct computer interface, either via Raspberry Pi or Arduino. At the moment the ILDA interface is analogue, so an ADC hat/shield would be required - this is rather circumlocutory since the interface re-converts this to a digital signal, and then back to an analogue again to drive the galvos. Stage 3 will be to project something cool onto something big. 


Car Hacking

We've been playing with OBDII interfaces and helping out the folks at with the development of their open source, open hardware, community car sharing scheme. James has designed a Pi-Hat which integrates all the functionality required for the hardware module (just add a Pi + 3G dongle), the design is available here on Github.